I picked up a Hitcher for the first time in my life in Gold Beach Oregon. His name is David Levy, he’s in the bottom picture with me. We had great conversations from the moment he set foot in the car. We talked about Burning Man, software development, underground currencies, occupywallstreet, Boston, California, Thrift Stores, the road, jobs, food, people, life. One of the best moments I’ve ever had. If you get the chance to pick up a hitcher, DO IT. He also shared some illegal smoked salmon he got from a man that gave him a ride. He makes all his money getting salmon from a friend of his that is a native American. Native American’s do not have to abide by the fishing laws and are able to fish all the time.  So the native American then gives the fresh salmon to his friend, his friend smokes it, packages it, and sells it out of the back of his truck. What a killer way to make a living. While tasting it for the first time David said, “Now I know for certain. Salmon does taste better when it’s illegal.”